Doing Things The Hard Way

Make your mattress hard turn it over to make soft. In other words hard head make a soft behind. Always listen before talking, it’s better to listen then shoot off your mouth.




Once there was a gardener having a beautiful garden of flower-plants-mostly rose plants. By chance a lily plant blossomed near a rose-bush.

Lily is believed to yield flowers that never fade and have an everlasting beauty. But the rose flowers have a short life. 

The lily said to the rose, “How beautiful you are! What an aroma you possess! No wonder, you are universally a favourite flower. I really envy you.

” The rose replied, “You wouldn’t said so, if you knew the reality. My bloom is very short-lived. I bloom in the morning and by sunset I begin to loose shine. By the next morning I fade completely and then I die. But you are known to have flowers that never fade even if they have been cut. Beauty is only a nine-day wonder.

TopBuzzV [An they say big girls can’t dance!]

[An they say big girls can’t dance!] This is too funny I laugh my but off especially, when she blow the wind in her body. She’s can get it.