It’s wonderful when you first start you cannot control yourself. You can wait for each day to start or end to get to each other. How you ache to feel each other touch, each other jokes laugh some funny other are not. But you enjoy that love then it comes one day let’s start that family. Oh you are starting that full day in and day out of routines so that family begin. Everything is wonderful all else has come together your child is born. Happy is your home a son/daughter is born so life if full just happy together. Finally, your job and family life is so good til one day you out grown him/her now you don’t know how to cope it. You need that person to be what you started off with again. But you have too reinvent yourself because you had a life before him but you let he control you and your friends. Now depressed don’t work or have friends all you have is hurt from having a kid late in life but you treasurer him/her. Never say never it happen it happen to the best of us life is hard then you cannot feel anymore like you use to. Best thing is to seek help from whomever you can get it from. Actually, get help from a good counselor, or psychiatry help. Don’t trade your life it’s worth fighting for don’t give up or give end

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Love the Lord almighty, homemaker, mom, sister, niece, aunt, cousin. Treat others as I would want to be treated. Always love thy neighbor treat them like you to be treated. Love your fellow man. I'm entrepreneur at least trying to be something like that, if you don't try you may never succeed. Better too fail and tried then to not try at all.

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