How do some men’s or woman, molested their kids, just kids in general? Molestation is sickness that ruins most of our kids lives when it does happen too the kid’s it tears them up inside. Because it wakes your innocent up transform you into a world like what’s going on, am I the fault? What did I do to deserve this trauma, torture? There is an answer, you will be confuse but it isn’t your fault the sick prevert think he’s doing something to satisfy his craving. Just remember it tear you up so bad you think no one would believe you. You just want lye down and die, because your world has been turn up side down.  They will tell you if you say anything  no one would will believe it. Someone will be hurt or killed  in your family so you want tell anyone. You eventually, think deep in your soul it has pass then it up surface you can’t control it. Then you turn to subtance to heal your soul but just get worse and  worse until you just scream out to GOD. Help me! Help me Lord GOD ALMIGHTY! This has happen to a lot’s of people. But the lord Jesus Christ (YESHUA) our saviour and the peace of GOD, which  surpassing  all understanding, shall keep your  hearts and minds  Christ Jesus. (Phillipppian 4:7) Love your babies like no tomorrow  actually,  love everyone. 

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Love the Lord almighty, homemaker, mom, sister, niece, aunt, cousin. Treat others as I would want to be treated. Always love thy neighbor treat them like you to be treated. Love your fellow man. I'm entrepreneur at least trying to be something like that, if you don't try you may never succeed. Better too fail and tried then to not try at all.

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