Hampton United Methodist Church”A Spirit-filled community united in Jesus Christ.”www.hamptonumc.comJuly 17, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisWorried & DistractedJesus observers Martha as worried and distracted, while Mary has chosen the better part…but, what does this mean for us? How does this story relate to our story? In this me…July 10, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisWords of Grace, Part SixAfter six weeks of considering the influence of our words, we conclude the “Words of Grace” series…but what will our final word be? Take a few minutes to listen to this fin…July 3, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisWords of Grace, Part Five (Grace for our Neighbor)Jesus encounters Matthew sitting at a tax booth in Capernaum. He calls out to Matthew, “Follow me!” How does this invitation to discipleship differ from the invitation Jesus ext…July 3, 2016Jack HuttoHands Across Our HeartsMusic by Discover Worship Sung by Jack Hutto Piano Accompaniment by Vicki Jacobi For Hampton United Methodist Church’s Worship Service July 3, 2016June 26, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisWords of Grace, Part FourOur words are powerfully influential. The words we speak to our children are especially influential. Our children hear the words we speak – to them, to our spouses, and to other…June 19, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisWords of Grace, Part ThreeHow we speak to our spouses matters! We should speak lovingly and respectfully to our spouses to that we may convey the grace of God. In this message, we explore a controver…June 12, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisWords of Grace, Part TwoAll of speak (or think) words no one will hear. Do these words matter? In part two of our series, we consider the influence of these words spoken in secret. We examine Jesus’…June 5, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisWords of Grace, Part OneWords are powerful influencers. Words can be useful for building others up; or, words can be useful for breaking others down. The real power of words is their ability to express…May 29, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisBe. You.The grace of God has been revealed in Jesus Christ. According to your faith, this grace is alive in you. Your heart beats by its power. Why be anything else? Be. You.May 22, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisPoured into our HeartsDiscover what a locked window has to teach us about the grace of God!May 15, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisSpirit FilledThe Holy Spirit empowers our proclamation; but also, the Holy Spirit inspires us to overcome our fears and our uncertainties so we can make known the love of God reveal in Jesus…May 8, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisRaise Her WorthActs 16:16-19May 1, 2016Reverend Jeri Katherine Warden SipesJesus HealsGospel: Mark 5:1-20April 24, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisA New CommandmentJohn 13:31-35April 17, 2016Caroline KogerChildren’s Sermon by Caroline KogerApril 17, 2016Mr. Chris MillsThe Destructive MiracleGospel: Mark 11:12-25April 10, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisBehind Locked DoorsDo you hide behind your doubt? Do you use doubt to protect yourself from believing in a false sense of hope? Take a moment to listen to this week’s message and consider if y…April 3, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisTake a Deep BreathDo you ever get frustrated with the people at your work? Discover why a resurrected Jesus would encourage you to pause and take a deep breath. John 20:19-23March 27, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisDouble BlessingDiscover from our reading of Luke 24:1-12 how an empty tomb promises hope of a double blessing of life!!March 20, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisThe Whole MultitudeLuke 19:28-40March 13, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisLuke 13, Part Four (Meant to Become)Luke 13:13-17February 28, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisLuke 13, Part Three (Meant to Look Up)Gospel Lesson: Luke 13:10-13February 21, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisLuke 13, Part Two (Meant to be a Fig Tree)Gospel Lesson: Luke 13:6-9February 14, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisLuke 13, Part One (Meant for More)Gospel Lesson: Luke 13:1-5February 7, 2016Pastor Ross ChellisSermon Title: UnveiledGospel Lesson: Luke 9:28-36November 15, 2015Pastor Ross ChellisSermon Title: The More Excellent WayGospel Lesson: Matthew 7:13-14November 8, 2015Pastor Ross ChellisSermon Title: The Almost ChristianNew Testament Lesson: Acts 26:24-32November 1, 2015Pastor Ross ChellisThe First CommandmentMark 12:28-34October 25, 2015Pastor Ross Chellis20/20 Vision, Part ThreeGospel Lesson: Mark 12:41-44October 18, 2015Pastor Ross Chellis20/20 Vision, Part TwoGospel Lesson: John 12:20-26October 11, 2015Pastor Ross Chellis20/20 Vision, Part OneRomans 12:1-8October 4, 2015Mr. Chris Mills“Preparing for the Reign”1 Peter 4:7-11August 30, 2015Pastor Ross ChellisChoose to RejoicePhilippians 4:4-7August 24, 2015Pastor Ross ChellisMillion Dollar Arm.m4aAugust 23, 2015Pastor Ross ChellisGreatness Redefined (II)Mark 9:30-37August 16, 2015Pastor Ross ChellisAlexander and the Terrible….m4a

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