-Seven Responsibilities Of A Christian Husband And Father

Picture FrameSeven Responsibilities
Of A Christian Husband
And Father

A Metaphor
As we look around our homes, we can see that most items within it have a specific purpose. The chair is for sitting. The table is for eating. The window is for light to see, as well as fresh air to breathe.

Just as it is true that “things” in our homes are put there for a reason, so God has placed us men in our families because He has a purpose for us.

A chair with a broken leg is useless in the home. It takes up valuable space, but it cannot be sat upon. Everyone has to be careful of it rather than its offering itself to serve others. People living in the home, and their visitors, all have to be protected from sitting on the broken chair or they will likely hurt themselves by crashing to the…

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Love the Lord almighty, homemaker, mom, sister, niece, aunt, cousin. Treat others as I would want to be treated. Always love thy neighbor treat them like you to be treated. Love your fellow man. I'm entrepreneur at least trying to be something like that, if you don't try you may never succeed. Better too fail and tried then to not try at all.

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