As well as the Victoria County History, which deals in detail with the development of parishes and religious houses across England, British History Online provides an array of sources for the religious history of towns and cities. For London these include parish records of different kinds (vestry minutes, churchwardens’ accounts, fraternity registers) for several parishes, as well as tithe assessments. The Historical Gazetteer of London, cited above, also includes accounts of the five parish churches covered in the study area. London is well represented in the records for religious houses (e.g. Greyfriars, Holy Trinity Aldgate), but there are also important records for monasteries in Cheshire, Staffordshire, Cumberland and Westmorland and elsewhere. Two Historical Manuscripts Commission volumes deal extensively with the records of the Dean and Chapter of Wells Cathedral, which include a great deal of material relating to the town itself such as property records. While much more wide-ranging in their coverage, the Calendars of Papal Registers (1198-1492) have many references to towns and cities, as well as to individuals such as merchants and clerics.


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