It’s a blessing to be here able body, right mind, health and strength. God made oh go away an behave. Because it was so many that didn’t have their right mind, nor health or strength.  They can’t keep on this morning journey, so many gone on to live with Jesus [YESHUA] look at you and I still here with all our limbs, still moving, some had two eyes to see and some can’t see. So we are truly, blessed, some of us have problems, some have hurt but it’s nothing our GOD ALMIGHTY can’t handle. You won’t know this until you have that personal inter feeling deep in your soul how wonderful GOD is to you. It’s a beautiful feeling to know GOD, first you have to accept Christ as your saviour, confess with your mouth that Jesus [YESHUA] he live, that come to the earth and die for our sin. That Jesus Christ rose on the third day. His father has all POWER IN HIS HAND,  FATHER, SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT the trinity.


Published by huntergame1216

Love the Lord almighty, homemaker, mom, sister, niece, aunt, cousin. Treat others as I would want to be treated. Always love thy neighbor treat them like you to be treated. Love your fellow man. I'm entrepreneur at least trying to be something like that, if you don't try you may never succeed. Better too fail and tried then to not try at all.

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