Physicist Build A Time Machine

This is a follow up to my previous post “This Physicist wants to Build a Time Machine to Communicate with his Dead Father”

According to news sources, Theoretical Physicist Ron Mallett is working on a machine that will receive messages from the future. Mallett, whose father died of a heart attack in 1955, was inspired to study time travel after reading the novel “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells. His ambition then was to go back in time to warn his father about his impending fate.

Using Einstein’s equations, Mallet has proven that he can manipulate the fabric of time. With a circulating beam of laser light, he has been able to cause a twisting of time and space. A stream of neutron spins could exploit time and space enough to allow the transmission of binary code into the past.

The catch is that the messages would only go one way — backwards into the past. Also, the messages could only be sent to a time in which the machine exists. Mallet suggests that the machine could possibly receive messages as soon as it’s built since our ancestors in the future would know exactly when, where, and how to transmit their messages to us.

My question about this theory is: What if there’s a “time-wave?” We’re all moving forward on a constant assent through time.

Maybe we’re the “first-wave” of forward movement. We know that events in the past are solidified in time and if we were able to travel backwards, everything that would occur while we’re in the past would be predictable. If we are the first wave of forward-moving time, that would mean that nothing in the future has yet happened. We would be the pioneers of events; the first explorers of time that has not yet occurred. Therefore, if we are indeed the “first-wave” of time, Mallet’s machine may not work.

If his machine does work, and there is a “first-wave” of time, would it then mean that we all are living in a past that has already happened? The first-wave of time may be in 2105 and they are looking back at us as “the past.” We’re all living out predictable events that have already occurred and solidified in time.

Well, it’s all theory, and all the same, I’m rooting for Mallet to succeed. I hope he builds his machine, and I hope it works. I’m looking forward to my future ancestors transmitting the winning numbers to the lottery.


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