The Child they couldn’t kill Ex NFL Player Rae Carruth, Son

Ex NFL Player Rae Carruth's Son --​'The Boy They Couldn't Kill' --Is A Living Miracle

Ex NFL Player Rae Carruth’s Son –​’The Boy They Couldn’t Kill’ –Is A Living Miracle

The best type of miracle is the miracle of life, and when life survives despite everything against it, that makes the miracle even more amazing.

Meet Chancellor Lee Adams. Sports Illustrated called him “The Boy They Couldn’t Kill,” and his story is one of those amazing miracles that you just can’t help but be moved by.

Sadly, his journey has been tumultuous. It began when former NFL player, Rae Carruth, got 17-year-old Cherica Adams pregnant. Now, it would be the understatement of the century to say that what Carruth did to his unborn son was terrible…but that’s what we’ll go with. It was despicable. Carruth is currently serving time, convicted of Adams’ death by shooting her 4 times. One of the bullets came 2 inches from her unborn baby, Chancellor. Carruth didn’t want his unborn son to be born.

But Cherica wasn’t going to let anything stop her from having her baby. She was a woman with some strong convictions, you know the type, and she made sure that before she went into a coma the doctors knew to deliver her baby no matter what. And they did.

Cherica’s mom, Saundra, took Chancellor in. Chancellor has cerebral palsy because of the trauma. The doctors told grandma Saundra he would never walk or talk. But Chancellor clearly has a strong will like his mom did…because he was already doing both by the time the doctors even said that!

Source: Life Site News

“Wherever he goes — to church, to physical therapy, to the Special Olympics — he makes people feel better by his mere presence. When he looks into your eyes and says hello, the whole thing feels almost spiritual. And then, of course, you have to ask yourself: If a kid like this can be so happy, what right do I have to complain? How did a brain-damaged infant become a young man of such mesmerizing power? It has something to do with the power of love.”


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