It’s common sense with kids

Okay, I’m here to teach tough love it’s  not that  you don’t l o v e your kids. It’s God first, husband next then your kids, you should know when the kids are to be cut off it’s come sense. It’s  always a parent that don’t know when to break ties with kid’s for one baby’s, toddlers need their parents. But adolescents, they need guides as in you are going the wrong way, don’t get into trouble because it’s easy to get into, but hard as hell to get out of. People we are parents not your bank account in other words cut tires when they get a certain age. The more you ask for  stuff the more you a hold spell out J O B means Job on broad meaning  get tour tail in high gear and start something for yourself.  Kids get their priority mix up when it comes too small kids and fend for you$elf kids…..meaning if they tell you what to do then they can get their buts up and get a job. Start when your kid’s are small teaching them that they need too start training themselves while th ed y ar we young then they will know what too expect.

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